Russia Wellness Facility

This facility will be a community facility as it will always be open to all community members, just as our park is.  The track will bring years of enjoyment to all ages of the Russia School District community members.  From youth to senior activities, we hope to see the track used to its capacity to enhance the health of everyone who uses it.  The cushioned even surface is ideal for walkers and runners alike.  

We would like to thank all the donors who made this facility possible.  Your generosity will be a gift that will last for many years and be enjoyed by the entire community.  Thank You!

We look forward to the facility’s completion this Fall.  This has been a long and time consuming process but with the help of many community members, we are close to the reality of everyone’s hard work.  An extra special thanks to those listed below who gave their time to make this facility happen.

Finance Committee

Donna Tebbe, Angie Heaton, Karen Koverman, Sheri Sherman, Dawn Luthman, Toni Schafer, Cheri Epperson, Tracy Schulze, Karla Pohlman, Melissa Armstrong, Amber Cordonnier, Andrea Francis, Chandra Goubeaux, Jenni Bohman, Helen Bornhorst, Jason Gaerke, Jerold & Angie Barlage, Craig Fiessinger, Shane Borchers, Ashley Goubeaux, Jeff Prenger, Lori Grogean, Linda Meyer, Jenny Busse, Jackie Frazier, Deanna Ball, and Brian Monnin

Construction Committee

Ed Magoto, Tim York, Bonnie Paulus, Gina Monnin, Janice Hoying, Carman Siefring, and Dean Stewart